Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Portrait of a Modern Family - Molly Gaudry (featherproof)

Portrait of a Modern Family by Molly Gaudry tells the story of a family and a neighbourhood that is disrupted by the disappearance of a young girl.

Two interesting notes on the format: the story is published as free, downloadable, do-it-yourself featherproof mini-book. And the story itself was inspired by phrases borrowed from a Philadelphia City Paper. "I took a phrase from every single page and the task was to combine two such phrases and create a single paragraph from them," Molly Gaudry explains. " So, for instance, the final two phrases, which appear in the final paragraph, are: "Fox & Roach" and "Isabelle Meyer." Sometimes I think I'd like to write a novel inspired by a year of City Papers."

You can download the minibook here: Portrait of a Modern Family

Molly Gaudry is the author of the verse novel We Take Me Apart, which has been nominated for the 2011 PEN/Joyce Osterweil Award for Poetry. She is also the editor of the soon-to-be released Tell: An Anthology of Expository Narrative, founding editor of the environmental literature journal Willows Wept Review, co-founding editor of Twelve Stories, and she runs Cow Heavy Books.

featherproof books
featherproof books is an indie publisher dedicated to doing whatever they want: "This might take the form of publishing an idiosyncratic novel, design book, or something in between. We love paper, but we're not afraid of computers. Our free downloadable mini-books are an invitation to all ten fingers to take part in the book-making process. We also have an experiment in attention span: the TripleQuick Fiction iPhone app. No matter the medium, we see our authors as creative partners involved in every step of publication. We make our own fun."

Portrait of a Modern Family
a minibook

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