Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Poetry Storehouse

The Poetry Storehouse is an effort to promote new forms and delivery methods for page-poetry by creating a repository of freely-available high-quality contemporary page-poetry for those multimedia collaborative artists who may sometimes be stymied in their work by copyright and other restrictions.

Poetry Storehouse Links
  • View the video remixes from Poetry Storehouse poems at Vimeo: Poetry Storehouse
  • More about the project, including a list of poets whose poems are available for remix and guidelines are a online at
  • There also is a  ongoing interview series with poets and remixers in which they discuss their Storehouse experience, hosted by the  Moving Poems discussion forum –  read the interviews here
Some select direct links to video poems:

Team & Mission 
The Poetry Storehouse team is a collaboration and remix in itself, including Nic Sebastian, Rachel Barenblat, Dave Bonta, and several other. Their mission is:  " collect and showcase poem texts and, in some instances, audio recordings of those texts. It is our hope that those texts will serve as inspiration or raw material for other artistic creations in different media."


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