Friday, October 05, 2012

Sea Bandits - Yay Words!

Sea Bandits is a project from Yay Words! - Poets were invited to submit short form poetry and artwork about the sea and/or thieves/thievery. Each poet who submitted was guaranteed at least one poem into the collection, the formats range from haiku, tanka, sequences, rengay, haibun, haiga to prose poems.

The collection is part of an ongoing series edited by Aubrie Cox, she notes: "As I was putting this collection together, it occurred to me that it’s nearly been a year since I started putting these PDF collaborations together on my blog, starting with the backlit fog at the end of September 2011." (note on the process)

Contributors include: Melissa Allen, Asni Amin, Johnny Baranski , Richard Cody, Kirsten Cliff, Martin Gottlieb, Aubrie Cox, Merrill Gonzales, Mark Harris, Yousei Hime, Shiteki Na Usagi, Cara Holman, Alegria Imperial, Kris Kennedy, Dorothee Lang, Ron Moss, Peter Newton, Christina Nguyen, Kathy Nguyen, Ellen Grace Olinger, Stella Pierides, Sapna, Lucas Stensland, Carmen Sterba, Alan Summers, Christine L. Villa, Michael Dylan Welch and Angie Werren.

You can download a free Pdf here:
Sea Bandits PDF

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