Tuesday, October 16, 2012

International Book Fair Frankfurt 2012 - impressions, themes, snapshots

Last week, the Frankfurt Book Fair opened its doors again - it's one of the largest and oldest book fairs, a meeting point for over 7300 exhibitors from more than 100 countries, with a tradition that spans more than 500 years. The first 3 days of the fair are business days, the weekend is for the general public.

The guest country this year is New Zealand. Focus themes were: e-books, science and education, art books, comics. Some impressions with links:


books + books

and the Nobel Prize for Literature goes to... Mo Yan
(more here in an extra blog post: words, wars, books..)


Forum Discussions: E-Books (the neverending theme)

Guest Country New Zealand - extra hall (more)
"Long before books, there were stories"

Open Air Reading Zone

Science Books

CERN at the Book Fair with the Higgs-Field + the 1. www-server, more here:
the beginning of the web: "vague but exciting"

E-Book Installation

Reading Tent

word cubes: to learn, to know, to explore

and: Gutenberg Museum at the Book Fair

Handmade Prints
Frankfurt Skyline


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