Monday, July 16, 2012

Book Blogs Search (based on 1800 book blogs)

There are countless book blogs in the web, featuring an even more countless number of book reviews - but often, the search for reviews is like a walk in the web jungle. Thanks to the code skills of book blogger Firefly, there is a search enginea that provides a shortcut through this data jungle - it is based on a catalogue of 1800 book blogs:


Here's the introduction to it: "Looking for reviews of a book by real-life book bloggers? Tired of sifting through corporate sites in your regular Google search results? That’s why I created the Book Blogs custom search engine – all book bloggers, all the time! Whether you’re looking for other non-commercial reviews of a book you’ve just read, or want real readers’ opinions on a new book you’re considering, this is the place!"

For more about this search engine, and how to put this search on the sidebar of your blog, or how to have your own book blog listed, and how this search also is a helpful tools for authors and publishers, visit: About the Books Blog Search

Book Search Tips
When looking for a specific book, try a combination of a key word from the book title and the family name of the author. You can also search for general themes, for example "travel" or  "e-books"
There also is an option to add the searchbox direcly in one's own blog, into the sidebar. This seemst to work rather fine, it's now included here in the sidebar of the blog, too.

About Fyrefly + Fyrefly's book reviws
Fyrefly is a biologist, voracious reader, and semi-recovering used book sale addict - and a book blogger, visit the Fyrefly-blog for the recent posts, and the calendar 2012 for a reading overview.


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