Monday, January 02, 2012

Leaf Press 2012 co-op poem

Since 2009, the editors of Leaf Press organize a collaborate winter poem for the start of the year, collecting couplets from different poets, to publish as co-op poem on the first Monday of the new year.

The guidelines for 2012: "This year we ask for couplets again, not specifiying a theme, but asking you to write about what is on your mind this season, this place." Now the 2012 poem is online: Lines Drawn from Greening Winds

And  here, for the joy of poetic cooperation, the previous poems:
2011 - The Change in Winter Light
2010 - Cold
2009 - Snow

About Leaf Press
Leaf Press is an independent press located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Ursula Vaira founded Leaf in 2001 as a poetry chapbook publisher. Since 2007 Leaf has been publishing trade poetry while continuing the chapbook tradition and the weekly on-line Monday's Poem.

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