Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Edge: curve, arc, circle - Sandra Davies

Edge: curve, arc, circle is a tale of learning, adaptation and celebration in neolithic Orkney written and illustrated by Sandra Davies. The book includes three episodes and seventeen original and apt illustrations in this coming-of-age tale set in Neolithic Orkney.

The first of the episodes, 'Curve of early learning' describes the hurts of childhood and early adolescence, the acquisition of understanding about one's environment and place in society. This episode is online as excerpt with paintings as part of the Language/Place edition #6 "at the edge": Curve of learning.

The second episode 'Arc of adaptation' tells of further changes, more deaths, but the discovery of humanity and, eventually love and respect. 'Circle of celebration' describes the journey by land and sea to the Ring of Brodgar for the celebration of the mid-winter solstic. An extensive preview of the book is online at blurb: Edge: curve, arc, circle.

Sandra explains: "This book was inspired firstly by Orkney and a visit to Isbister, known more popularly as 'Tomb of the Eagles'. It was brought into being because Michael D Brown asked for contributions for MuDJoB, the illustrations followed later, sparked by the celebration of MuDJoBs first anniversary."

Sandra Davies is an artist and printmaker and recently-emerged writer of fiction, with a long-established interest in family history. Born on the Essex coast, she now lives in Teesside in the north east of England, both places having the flat landscapes and sea-edged horizons considered essential for a sense of well-being. Her writing can be found at linesofcommunication. For some of her prints, visit: printuniverse/SandraDavies.

Sandra Davies: Edge: curve, arc, circle
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