Monday, January 30, 2012

The Hide of my Tongue - Vivian Faith Prescott (Plain View)

The Hide of My Tongue is a familial and historical account of the loss & revitalization of the Tlingit language. It's Vivian Faith Prescott explains first full-length poetry collection.

The collection explores the historical and contemporary effects of the loss of one of the world’s most complex languages: Tlingit. There are less than three hundred fluent Tlingit speakers left in the world. In Southeast Alaska, many are involved in the Tlingit language and cultural revitalization including Vivian Faith Prescott and her family.

"I spent the last twelve years creating The Hide of My Tongue, Ax L'óot' Doogú," says Vivian. "The collection is dedicated to my daughter, Vivian Mork, Yeilk', Cute-Little-Raven, and those who work at revitalzing the Tlingit language."

Vivian Faith Prescott is a fifth generation Alaska, born and raised in Wrangell, Alaska. She lives in Sitka, Alaska. She facilitates writers workshops for adults and teens. Vivian is Co-Director of Raven’s Blanket, a non-profit designed to enhance and perpetuate the cultural wellness and traditions of Indigenous peoples through education, media, and the arts; to promote artistic works by both Native and non-native Alaskans. She blogs at Planet Alaska.

About Plain View Press
Plain View Press is a 35-year-old issue-based literary publishing house that hase published 350 titles presenting the work of almost 500 national and international writers. Despite evidence that relentless violence has taken root worldwide, there is hope and there are artists to show the human face of it. 

The Hide of My Tongue, Ax L'óot' Doogú
ISBN: 978-1-935514-87-9
114 pages, $14.95

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