Thursday, April 07, 2011

How to Write Your Way Home - Fiona Robyn

How to Write Your Way Home by Fiona Robyn is an inspiring ebook that combines writing advice with a story.

Lorrie, who has pea-green eyes and mousey hair, lives in a narrow grey house and works in a call-centre in a grey office building. If you asked her whether she was happy, she wouldn't know how to answer you. Until she is shown something that's right under her nose, and which changes everything...

Paired with Lorrie's story are simple instructions that help to feel more connected with oneself and the world. The book also contains information on hunting & polishing "small stones" (pieces of writing that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment, more here: pay attention: a river of stones), and advice on how to build a creative network & much more.

This is a free e-book, you can download your copy here: How to Write Your Way Home

Fiona Robyn is on a mission to help people connect with the world through writing. She is a novelist, a blogger, a creativity coach and a Buddhist. She writes a weekly inspirational newsletter & runs e-courses. She started writing small stones in '05, launched a handful of stones in '08, & started a river of stones with her fiancé Kaspa in '11. She is very fond of earl grey tea and homemade cake, her cats Fatty and Silver, & the lovely Malvern hills (which she can gaze at from her home office window). Her novel "Thaw" has been previsouly featured in Daily s-Press: Thaw by Fiona Robyn)

How to Write Your Way Home
free e-book
62 pages

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