Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wiki Loves Monuments - photo contest

Wikipedia international photo contest around cultural heritage 

Since September 1st, more than 50 countries from all over the world are in the race to show the best pictures of their heritage to the world through their participation in Wiki Loves Monuments 2013.

It's the fourth year the contest is on, and 2013 might just turn into a new world record photo contest: "This year we are very excited to have for the first time Arab speaking countries join: Algeria, Jordan, Tunesia and Egypt all joined for the first time! But also in Asia the contest sees more participating countries, with China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Nepal and Azerbaijan. Also, the only continent without a permanent population (but with monuments!), Antarctica, is participating this year. But even in Europe where the competition started we’re able to welcome new participating countries, such as Armenia and the United Kingdom. The biggest country participating is Russia, and the smallest is Aruba."

How to join
If you would like to participate in Wiki Loves Monuments (which also includes an international contest and prizes), the only thing you have to do for that is upload a freely-licensed image of a monument in one of the participating countries to Wikimedia Commons. Links to the respective national websites are available in the sidebar of the contest/participate page.

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