Monday, September 16, 2013

Found Poetry Review - Special Issue: W/R/T David Foster Wallace

September 12, 2013, marks the fifth anniversary of David Foster Wallace’s passing. 

The Found Poetry Review remembers his life and contributions with a special online edition of their journal: W/R/T David Foster Wallace

"Though Wallace’s articles, interviews and books are like he was — finite — our capacity for conversation with him through found poetry continues. In this special issue, nearly 30 poets share their conversations with David Foster Wallace. As the world remembers his life and work this September, I invite you to pick up one of his texts and consider what conversations of your own you might have with him."
- FPR Editor-in-Chief Jenni B. Baker


30 Free Essays & Stories by David Foster Wallace
For his own words, visit the link list that was collected by the magazine Open Culture: "We spent some time tracking down free DFW stories and essays available on the web, and they’re all now listed in our collection of Free eBooks. But we didn’t want them to escape your attention. So here they are — 23 pieces published by David Foster Wallace between 1989 and 2011, mostly in major U.S. publications like The New YorkerHarper’sThe Atlantic, and The Paris Review. "

The list of essays and stories starts, painfully fittingly for this week, with...

...and ends with:

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