Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Indie Author Networks + Indie TV + 3 extra book clips

There are several websites that offer listings and services for independent authors who are self published or published by a small indie press and who actively promote their books - one of them is the Independent Author Network (IAN), a community of like-minded authors, with 750 authors who joined. Similar in idea is the Independent Author Index, with about 200 authors who joined. Both sites require set-up fees for joining authors (around 20-25$), but also offer extra services.

Indie Authors TV
The Independent Author Index now launched a special website that is dedicated to book video clips: Indie Author TV, and in a starting promotion, invited authors of recently published books to send their book video and a brief description. They are now featuring the clips, in a colorful and vivid mix of all genres. Watch and visit here: Indie Authors TV

3 Extra Book Clips
And some extra book clips, from Vimeo + Youtube:
- Birth of a Book: a book being created + printed
The Bibilo-Mat: a random book dispenser
- The Joy of Books: in a bookshop at night..

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