Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hybrid Beasts - Red Lemonade Community

Hybrid Beasts is a crowdsourced, mixed collection that developed in a collaborative process that was driven by readers and writers.

The collection features texts that are a hybrid of different genres - crossover between prose, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, essay, commentary, memoir, short story, poem..

Guest edited by Molly Gaudry, the collection includes hybrids written by Erik Wennermark, Kathryn Mockler, Jana McCall, Berit Ellingsen, Luke Dani, Gabe Wollenberg and R.V. Branham

You can read more about the project at the Hybrid project, and you can download the collection as free PDF or e-pub at: Hybrid Beasts

About Red Lemonade 
Red Lemonade is a writer community (like Fictionaut, but smaller) where writers post manuscripts and readers can comment to the texts directly in the text on the webpage, plus write comments in the margin. Here's more info about Red Lemonade

PS: the feature image is a visual hybrid of the pdf-cover and the photo in the editorial

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  1. Very cool to see information and link to Red Lemonade's Hybridity project here!

    It was a very interesting project to participate in since the call was for new and hybrid forms and the community could comment on the text directly, before the submissions were selected.

    Never been a part of anything similar and thank the Red Lemonade team for initiating the project and very happy that Molly Gaudry included a story of mine in the project.

    Thank you again for the linkage!