Sunday, March 08, 2015

March On, Women

re-posted in celebration of International Women's Day 2015, the original post is from 2012:

In honour of International Women’s Month, Michelle Elvy created a mini-blog fest featuring women around the world: "Thanks to everyone who participated in this gathering — your art and your words and your lives inspire."

March On, Women
Dance. Resurrect. Survive.
Quiet. Night. Nothing.
Poetry. Place. Passion.
Colour. Chablis. Celebration.
Caress. Care. Kitty Kat.
Whanau. Wrinkles. Nudes.
Words. Wishes. Roads.
Mystery. Masquerade. Monster.
Finally. Food for thought.

Michelle Elvy lives and writes and edits in New Zealand aboard her 43’ sailboat, Momo. She is the founding editor of the New Zealand initiative Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction as well as 52|250: A Year of Flash, a project that grew during 2010-2011 to include nearly 200 writers and artists. She also edits at Blue Five Notebook and A Baker’s Dozen. Most recently, Michelle has been awarded the Research Grant by the New Zealand Society of Authors/ Auckland Museum Library for her project “Flashback: A New Zealand History in Micro Moments”.

March On, Women
a blog fest in honour of International Women’s Month

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