Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Festival of the Trees #63: Slugyard University

The Festival of the Trees is a monthly blog carnival for all things arboreal, hosted at a different blog each month.

The theme of edition 63 is: How animals and other wildlife interact with trees: "Keep your eyes and ears open, and take a look at what the wildlife are up to–up in the trees. Send the link to your blog post, video, podcast, slideshow, or other e-tree-creation."

The collected contributions are now online at Slugyard University

Edition Announcement"Go back to school with the Festival of the Trees! Edition #63 finds us at Slugyard University, where the learning never stops because, as everyone knows, beer is fatal to slugs. Many of the links this time fit the announced theme of trees and wildlife. The contributors (now promoted to professor status) found marbled murrelets, grey herons, tufted titmice, collared doves, varied carpet beetles, termites, fire ants… even, improbably, a pair of turtle shells in the trees. Classes at Slug U aren’t restricted to science, however, but include offerings in art, literature, religion, and conservation, too. Don’t be late to class!"

Upcoming Festival + Previous EditionsAn info page with current calls and an archive of previous editions can be found at Festival of the Trees. The next festival of the Trees will be hosted at European Trees, the theme is open - all tree topics are welcome. Deadline is Sept. 30.

Festival of Trees #63
a blog carnival

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