Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Writer's Houses - field guide & database

Writers’ Houses is an online publication dedicated to the exploring of writers’ spaces and art of literary pilgrimage. The website link is: Writer's Houses

The website was founded in July 2010 by writer A. N. Devers, she explains that the site was inspired by "a growing obsession, since childhood, with books, travel, and making connections between a writer’s work and place. It also came from a realization that there wasn’t a comprehensive resource online, or in print, that helped literary pilgrims find their way."

The Writers’ Houses database is designed to be a field guide to deceased writers’ homes, searchable by author, state, city, and country. The site features more than 130 writer's houses.

Suggest a Writer's House
The plan of Writers’ Houses is to document all writers’ houses open to the public in the world. The site notes: "This is no small task and can’t be done overnight or without help. There are apparently 290 writers’ houses in France alone. For that reason, the website is looking for experienced writers and editors to contribute to the blog and field guide. If you are interested, please feel free to get in touch, but please note that Writers’ Houses, being a labor of love, cannot offer compensation beyond the pleasure of having your work in its virtual pages."

Link: Writer's Houses

(with thanks to poet Marcia Arrieta for sharing the link)

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