Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making Good Use of August - Sherry O'Keefe (Finishing Line)

Sherry O'Keefe is a descendent of Montana pioneers and grew up in a remote power camp. Making Good Use of August is her first poetry chapbook.

"Making Good Use of August announces Sherry O'Keefe as a strong new voice in the poetry of place. Each poem in this collection while unique, builds a unified narrative image vast and detailed as a mural or tapestry. We vicariously see through O'Keefe and her people the small details remembered from a rural childhood, the bitterness of seduction and regret, and the difficulties and pleasures of navigating this modern life." -  Justin Evans, author of Working in the Bird House

"Sherry O'Keefe tells the stories of a world that "city kids won't know." Riding in the front seat of her pickup truck, the reader is treated to a tour only a lifelong resident can provide. Expertly navigating the back roads, she guides us through a vivid and idiosyncratic landscape, pointing out where all the best secrets are kept. O'Keefe has a wonderful eye for detail, a vision both quirky and deeply human." - Nina Corwin, Fifth Wednesday Journal

Sherry O'Keefe's most current work has appeared or is forthcoming in Switched-on Gutenberg, THEMA, Terrain. Org., PANK, Avatar Review, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Two Review, Babel Fruit, The High Desert Journal and Main Street Rag. Her full collection of poetry, Loss of Ignition, is making the rounds while she works on the editorial teams for Fifth Wednesday Journal and The Centrifugal Eye. She is the Poetry Editor for Soundzine.

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Finishing Line Press is an award-winning small press publisher. New Releases: The Bracelet by Lou Amyx, Tropical Diagnosis by Virginia Aronson and Cracklers at Night by Rita Banerjee. Finishing Line Press is currently calling for manuscripts for teir 2011 New Women's Voices Chapbook Competition, details.

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  1. wow, dorothee! thank you for such a glorious display and post regarding my chapbook. nadine hergenrider's watercolor glows on this page. she was also a power camp kid- but she lived further down the river from me. i would write, she would draw. tadah! here we are- *together*.

    thank you!