Monday, June 27, 2011

To Begin Again - Jen Knox (All Things That Matter)

Winner of the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards for Short Stories, To Begin Again is a lively and unique collection that examines the impact of unexpected and unconventional romance, unforseen wealth or loss, and the dynamics of family ties, despite distance.

The characters Jen Knox created are eclectic and engaging. Each is faced with a small decision that leads to life-altering circumstance. Some thrive and others surrender; but within each story there is a balance of grittiness and inspiration that will stay with a reader long after the last page.

You can read a review and an excerpt at Lit Endeavors.

Jen Knox works as a creative writing professor at San Antonio College and served as Fiction Editor and Workshop Coordinator at Our Stories Literary Journal. She is the author of Musical Chairs, her short stories and essays have been published in Annalemma Magazine, Bartleby Snopes, Flashquake, Foundling Review, Metazen,Slow Trains, SLAB, Narrative Magazine and other magazines.

About All Things That Matter Press
All Things That Matter is a no fee-royalty paying, POD small press that seeks to publish those books that help the author share their Self with the world: "Our interests are on spiritual, self-growth, personal transformation, fiction and non-fiction books with a strong message. We understand that new authors have an increasingly difficult time in wading through the morass of agents, publishers, query letters, and marketing.  Our press may well be the place where you get your first book published."

Jen Knox: To Begin Again
story collection

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